Co-Creating in Oneness

A Take Heart Global Family Gathering


Take Heart Connect, a newly-created outreach of Take Heart Publications, is hosting its first global gathering from Sept. 1 to 5, 2024, at Findhorn, Scotland. You and a limited number of translators and wholehearted supporters of A Course of Love, Choose Only Love, and The Age of the Heart are cordially invited. Findhorn is a renowned spiritual community and ecovillage guided by three core practices: Inner listening, Co-creation with nature, and Work as love in action.

The purpose of this event is to create a space for light bearers who are fully committed to supporting each other’s awakening to make their insights and experiences available to those who long for living from their true Self in the world today, thus helping to co-create a new consciousness on earth rooted in Oneness.

The importance of gathering in unity and relationship cannot be overemphasized.

This is the answer to the question of “What is next?” If there is nothing to learn, if coursework is behind you and accomplishment is complete, what then are you to do? You are to create in community, in dialogue, in commitment and togetherness. You are to be the living Covenant of the New. (ACOL, D:5.16)

We are going to spend four days together, starting from Sunday evening on Sept. 1 and concluding on Thursday (after the main meal), Sept. 5. The field of consciousness that is cocreated during this immersive experience is truly transformational, as we take part in diverse activities, both indoors and outdoors, including music and dance, sacred silence, group exercises, dialogues, and personal sharing.

Everyone will be encouraged to express themselves. This is “a dialogue in which you are a full participant” (D:Day10.24), rather than a series of presentations by a few. There are going to be moments facilitated by Glenn Hovemann and Muffy Weaver, Rodrigo Cayres and Budhi N., Sebastian Blaksley, MaryBeth Scalice, Juliana Kurokawa, Coralie Pearson, and many more “pioneers of the new” (D:3.3). The overall theme is how to be an active participant in the cocreation of the new, how to live and experience ourselves as creators, how to respond to the issues currently facing the world today, and what it means to live in union and relationship in daily life.

As we move from becoming to being, from healing to sustainability of Christ-consciousness, we realize that what is being asked of us is to step into a new way of being that is rooted in Oneness and the willingness to answer the call to take part in the cocreation of the new.

You may live a more peaceful and meaningful life, but you will not become the savior I ask you to be, or the architects of the new world of heaven on earth that I call you to create. (T3:14.1) What you are called to do is to share in union with others whose awareness is expanding. (D:13.7) When you fully realize that sharing is necessary you will have entered the dialogue. (D:Day15.1)

This international gathering will include translators, supporters, pioneers, and those whose lives have been touched by the works published by Take Heart and who wish to integrate their messages and ideas into daily life by answering the call to be who they really are, to cocreate a new world, and to support each other in sustaining awareness of love’s presence always and in all ways.

Take Heart Publications (THP) is now publishing A Course of Love, the seven-volume series Choose Only Love, The Age of the Heart, and Dewdrops of Wisdom, with more titles to be published in the coming months and years. More than just publishing books, we are building a truly global community that is part of a broad movement of “pioneers of the new,” (D:3.3) ushering in “a world of peace” (T3:14.11), a “time of heaven on earth and the end of suffering” (T4:1.13).

As such, Take Heart Connect is an outreach of THP intended to provide opportunities for pioneers such as yourself to gather together, to exchange visions and insights in dialogue, and to support each other as we move forward along the way of being.

Do you feel called to participate? If you are reading this page, you know who you are and that you matter a great deal!

Due to the limited capacity of the event hall, we are envisioning a gathering with about 40 participants only. We expect the event to sell out quickly, as the Take Heart Community grows all over the world thanks to the translations and the increasing number of books published.

To join us at the Take Heart Connect Global Family Gathering at Findhorn, please click the button below and fill out the registration form:

Leave these words behind now, and bring only the dialogue with you. You will unerringly find those who can engage in the new dialogue, those who have chosen the new, those who seek to share and exchange in harmony. Thus will you begin and your numbers increase. (ACOL, E:19)