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Take Heart Publications publishes spiritual masterpieces and digital content to share transformational wisdom that brings people together and offers practical guidance for daily life. Current book titles include:

  • A Course of Love — Published in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, and German. Translations into Chinese and Czech are under way.
  • A Bridge: Exploring the Connections Between A Course in Miracles & A Course of Love — Published in English and French.
  • Choose Only Love — A seven-volume book series published in English, Spanish, and Hungarian (vol. 1).
  • The Age of the Heart — Published in English, Spanish, and Korean. Translation into German is under way.
  • Dewdrops of Wisdom: Practical Guidance from Mother Mary — Just published (February 2024) in English.
  • Truly Beloved: Love Letters from the Divine Mother in You — Just published (March 2024) in English. The audiobook in English is going to be published soon.

A Course of Love was published in Sept., 2014. A second edition was later published in April, 2019.

Following a dream in which she was told, “Your mind belongs to God,” Mari Perron began receiving “thoughts she did not think,” which she then scribed. The voice identified itself as Jesus, and as being a “continuation” of A Course in Miracles. The result is A Course of Love. It is a book that changes lives because its purpose is to return you to your true Self. That one change will completely change your life and the world. ACOL posits that all changes we would like to see happening in our lives, even in the world, stem from a single change: moving from seeing ourselves as separate individuals, to seeing the truth that we are an integral part of life, and of an eternal Consciousness that exists in Unity. ACOL is a call to move into love’s embrace. As we remember our true identity, we let go of previous limiting beliefs that brought about experiences of struggle, loneliness, and pain. Our authentic Self leads us to live in certainty and with a clear sense of meaning and purpose. For more information, please visit the website acourseoflove.org.

Mari Perron

A Bridge: Exploring the Connections Between A Course in Miracles & A Course of Love was published in April, 2019.

Here are straight answers to questions from students of A Course in Miracles about A Course of Love.

  • What’s different about the message of ACOL?
  • Do both ACIM and ACOL see the world as an illusion?
  • How can ACOL help me in my life?
  • What could ACOL offer that I haven’t already gotten from ACIM?

Many long-time students of ACIM have wholeheartedly embraced ACOL without diminishing in the slightest their love for ACIM. Others have been hesitant about “another Course.” This little book was written by students of both Courses. It’s offered as a bridge of love.

The Age of the Heart: The Birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth was published in September, 2023.

A quantum leap is occurring in the history of humankind. A leap of enormous proportions has begun, is divinely ordained, is unstoppable, and is already being felt. It will hugely impact everyone, every human system, and all life on Earth. The changes will de-structure the old and reveal the new.

The Age of the Heart is a revelation from the voice of Christ received through Sebastián reminding us that creation—including ourselves—is making a journey from the forgetfulness of our true being to full awareness of the perfect love we are. It heralds nothing less than the birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth, an era based on Truth and Love. A great deal of undoing is already taking place, which puts into perspective the turmoil being experienced on so many levels. These troubles are but the birth pangs of a universal transmutation.

Every individual as well as all human affairs will be transformed as the age of reason, with its dominant intellect, is brought into right relationship with the heart. At its core, it’s all about a change of consciousness. Higher consciousness will usher in a humanity of unprecedented splendor—a living expression of love—personally, socially, and globally.


Sebastian Blaksley

Truly Beloved: Love Letters from the Divine Mother in You was published in March, 2024.


Sebastian Blaksley

Dewdrops of Wisdom: Practical Guidance from Mother Mary was published in February, 2024.


Marietta Beregi

The first volume, Choose Only Love: Echoes of Holiness was published in October, 2019. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

In October, 2018, Sebastian Blaksley had a vision in which appeared a vast number of angels, accompanied by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. He heard their music and could see them clearly. Then, in a “nanosecond,” he received the meaning of their visitation. He then proceeded to write down the meaning, guided by Archangel Raphael. The angels refer to Sebastian as a “pencil in the hand of God.” The angelic visitations repeated frequently for an entire year—a total of 144 times, each visit resulting in a chapter of Choose Only Love. Altogether the material will span about 1600 pages. The angels suggested that it be published in seven volumes. The first volume, Choose Only Love: Echoes of Holiness was first published in November, 2019. Free sample chapters are available at chooseonlylove.org.

Sebastian Blaksley

The second volume, Choose Only Love: Let Yourself Be Loved was published in March, 2020. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

Let yourself be carried on the wings of love. Surrendering to love is both necessary and beautiful. To let yourself be loved means to trust without reservation that love will do with you what you most long for. Your soul has already moved towards union with the heart of God. Now it recognizes that it was created to be loved and for nothing else. Therefore let love fill you fully and do what it knows how to do. Enjoy being carried on the shoulders of love.

The third volume, Choose Only Love: Homo-Christus Deo was published in July, 2020. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

Human and divine meet in you. You are that sacred point. Your full realization of this will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Homo-Christus, Deo—or Human-Christ, God—is the new humanity. The God-Human is a holy reality. You are a Man-Christ, a Woman-Christ, an embodiment of Love. As a Christ you are a living miracle of God’s love. Through you will your brothers and sisters around the world find the peace of God and the joy of Truth.  

The fourth volume, Choose Only Love: Wisdom was published in November, 2020. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

The old world is based on the knowledge of good and evil. The new world is based on the wisdom of love. The wisdom of love is accessed directly from the Divine. To recognize the wisdom of love is to know who you truly are, not an “ideal” self but your true desires, your deepest feelings, your unique identity. This wisdom is known through the heart. No outer teacher is needed, for the heart knows what no one can know for you.  

The fifth volume, Choose Only Love: The Holy Dwelling was published in May, 2021. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

You are not what the world says you are. You are personified holiness. You are love incarnate. You are Christ. You are holy because God is holy and you are God’s beloved creation. The truth is that simple. When you choose only love, you are choosing to live the truth—accepting that divine love is your being, your true dwelling. Expressing this truth in your life allows you to live fully, joyfully. “The Holy Dwelling” takes the reader toward acceptance of this truth.  

The sixth volume, Choose Only Love: The Divine Relationship was published in November, 2021. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

A divine relationship is the embrace of humanity and divinity, a joining of the Supreme Source with your human nature. It is a giant step, a boldly daring relationship which stretches the mind beyond what can be seen, said, or heard, but which the heart knows. It is a union above all unions, yet it includes all unions. In a divine relationship the truth of your being becomes known as God created you.  

The seventh volume, Choose Only Love: The Way of Being, was published in March, 2022. Sample chapters can be seen at chooseonlylove.org

The way of being is the end of the spiritual search and the beginning of the active expression of our divine identity. Love is what we are and the source of fullness. Love cannot be taught, only recognized. The happy recognition of being love, and living from it, is the final goal of Choose Only Love and of every true spiritual path. God is love. We are love. Being love in expression is the truth that sets us free.  

To support and accelerate the process of returning awareness to our true nature, so we can continuously express it in daily life, and to foster connection both at the outer and inner levels.

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